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We built a community with the aim of creating life-long friendships

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Be part of events, activities and adventures

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Join groups based on your interests

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Discover new places and see the world with us

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Join contests and play games to win many exciting prizes

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Share your Stories with Photos & let your photos do the talking for you

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What makes our community unique?

Live for the moment and enjoy your journey through our unique factors that are stated below

Flexible Our community is available 24x7, so you can use it as per your flexibility and requirement. We are available all time.
Lifetime Free Membership Our membership is free for a lifetime. At times, we have paid memberships that you can subscribe to on a requirement basis.
Accessible Our community is 100% accessible. You can access it anywhere & anytime from your laptop, mobile, or any other device.
Directories If you are business owner, or have any directory to highlight in this community, you can easily upload the same in Directories section.
Groups Create your own groups, or join existing groups in our community and meet many new people inside.
Secure Our website is secure & trusted. Any transactions made through our community are 100% secure and safe.
Membership By Approval Each membership request is carefully reviewed to make sure that ClubDunes remains to always be the community of trust.
Easy to Use Our community is very user friendly and easy to use. We also have FAQs and tutorials if in case you need any help.
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You must be wondering how our community works. It’s too easy and in few steps:

Signup / Login You need to signup to our community to get started. If you already have an account, simply just login with your details.
Post Content Start by posting your updates, content like groups, contests, pages, businesses, etc inside.
Share Globally You can share content, profiles or posts from within this community to many social networking sites globally.

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