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"Personal Information": When you register as a user, update your information, comment on Content, take part in discussions upload your own content, answer questionnaires, send emails to us, contact other users via the Website, or otherwise participate in ClubDunes, you provide us with information which we store and process. Such information may include your name, address, phone number, email address, purchase history, interests, and other such 'Personal Information'.

"General Information": We also receive more general information from you as a result of your visits to, and use of, the Website. This general information does not identify you personally, and can include information such as your IP address, the length of time you spend on the site, your browsing history, and other such 'General Information'.


We take all steps reasonably necessary to protect your Personal Information against unauthorised access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction. Other than as may be required in order to operate the Website, or as otherwise described in the Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy, we disclose your Personal Information to third parties only as reasonably required to protect the rights and safety of ourselves and the Website's users, and only upon your active consent or as required by law enforcement authorities.

By using the Website you accept that we may use your Personal Information and General Information for a variety of purposes, including those described above, and including purposes intended to:

  • (a) enhance your experience of the Website and to make it more user-friendly (including by sending you information about new features on the Website, and other announcements and notifications, or to seek your feedback);

  • (b) provide you with advertising information (including advertising for goods and services provided by other users or commercial entities);

  • (c) any additional purposes that may be communicated to you from time to time before your Personal Data is used for such additional purposes; and

  • (d) provide you with newsletters, service related announcements, or other notifications or emails in relation to the Website.

If we sell ClubDunes to a third party, or ClubDunes otherwise becomes subject to a merger, consolidation or acquisition, it would become necessary for us to transfer your Personal Information to a third party, and in such case we would require that the third party handles your Personal Information with the same care as exercised by us.

We only provide data to our advertising partners or customers after we have removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it, or have combined it with other people's data in a way that it is no longer associated with you.


There area default settings for what Personal Information other users of ClubDunes can see about you.

Generally, most of the non-sensitive Personal Information (like nationality, profession, etc.) is visible to other users, while some of your more sensitive Personal Information is only visible to your network contacts or users who live in the same District (like which part of the city you live in). Some of your most sensitive information is only visible to you (phone number and email address).

Sometimes you will not be able to select an audience when you post something (like when you write on a Page's wall or comment on a news article that uses our comments plugin. This is because some types of stories are always public. Generally, you should assume that if you do not see a sharing icon, the information will be publicly available.

When others share information about you, they can also choose to make it public.


The types of information listed below are always publicly available, and are treated just like information you decided to make public.


This helps people in your network find you. If you are uncomfortable sharing your real name, you can always delete your account.


A username (or ClubDunes URL) is a custom link to your timeline that you can give out to people or post on external websites. Your username will appear in the URL on your timeline on the Website. We also use your user ID to identify your ClubDunes account.

If someone has your username or user ID, they can use it to access information about you through the Website. For example, if someone has your username, they can type /Username into their browser and see your public information as well as anything else you've let them see.

Your current profile picture can appear as part of a random selection of members on a micro-communities public landing page.


If you choose to invite other people to ClubDunes to join your network, the email addresses of the invitees need to be entered on the ClubDunes Website. The email addresses of people that are invited will be used by ClubDunes only to send your invitation email (including an optional personal message) and corresponding reminders. ClubDunes stores this information to send the invitation email, register a contact connection if the User’s invitation is accepted, and track the success of ClubDunes’s referral program.


If you visit a profile of another user of ClubDunes, this user may see that you have visited that user’s profile. This feature is an essential part of contact management on the Website and as such an essential part of the services ClubDunes offers to you.


ClubDunes receives information about you from your networks and others, such as when they upload your contact information, post a photo of you, tag you in a photo or status update, check in with you at a location, or add you to a group.

When people use the Website, they may store and share information about you and others that they have, such as when they upload and manage their invites and contacts.


ClubDunes is committed to ensuring that your Personal Information and General Information is secure and ClubDunes takes all steps reasonably necessary to protect your Personal Information against the unauthorised access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction. ClubDunes’s employees treat Personal Information held by ClubDunes as confidential, and maintain the confidentiality of that Personal Information.

Any information that ClubDunes collects and stores that is personally identifiable is protected using appropriate means. Although ClubDunes takes appropriate precautions, it will not be held responsible for any unauthorised access by third parties.


Please contact us through the contact form on the Website if you believe that any Personal Information that ClubDunes holds about you is incorrect or incomplete or if you want to change any marketing preferences. We will revise any information that is incorrect or change your preferences upon receipt of your request.


In addition to the Personal Information and General Information that ClubDunes collects through the Website, the Website uses cookies and you hereby consent to this use. Most web browsers are set by default to accept cookies. However, if you do not wish to receive any cookies, you may set your browser to either prompt you on or refuse cookies. Please note that rejecting cookies will restrict the functionality of the Website as a whole. We also use cookies for tracking the statistics of the Website. This allows us to better understand our users and improve the layout and functionality of the Website.


This Privacy Policy is effective with respect to all Information that we have collected since the launch of the Website. You will be informed of any changes in our Privacy Policy and they will be posted on the Website, and with respect to Personal Information we collect in the future, will become effective as of the date of the information collection. With regard to Personal Information previously collected, there will be no retroactive changes to the Privacy Policy.


This Website may contain links to other websites. ClubDunes is not responsible for the privacy practices of websites not operated by it, and ClubDunes encourages you to read the privacy statements of each and every website that you access that collects your information.


As per our Terms of Use children and minors (under the age of 21) are not eligible to use any ClubDunes services on the Website and therefore we will not be responsible for any Personal Information submitted by any persons under the age of 21.


Profile information the User submits to ClubDunes will be available to other Users of ClubDunes based on the default privacy settings of ClubDunes


ClubDunes regularly sends out newsletters, service-related announcements, or other notification messages and emails (altogether "Member Communication") to all Users of ClubDunes. You may send us an email to if you wish to turn them off.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us by email to