About us

From the beauty of the golden dunes to the fabulous and huge city of Dubai among millions of people coming from culturally diverse background we created CLUB DUNES where you can connected with your like-minds and expand your professional networking in a casual setting of most amazing Events and activities, go on breathtaking adventures and build long lasting friendships


ClubDunes is a social network in UAE, Initially developed and launched in Dubai.

ClubDunes mission is to help people, living and working in Dubai, to get to know each other through our Communities platform Based on common ground as their interests.

ClubDunes will help them to find new friends, re-connect with old ones, meet professionals online and stay connected.

They will have access to important up-to-date information, be able to exchange ideas and finally to meet in real life. at our special thematic offline events and Groups.

We believe together everyone achieves more!


The UAE is home to over 200 nationalities. Emiratis constitute roughly 20% of the total population, making UAE home to one of the world's highest percentage of immigrants.

We often thought about how to bring together people of diverse cultures and interests through a community portal specially focused on the Emirates.

The ClubDunes.com idea started out on a beautiful morning in Dubai and was born from a Dominican collaboration between tow Co-Founders, both whom have lived abroad as expats and spent a significant period of time in Dubai.


ClubDunes.com’s content, structures and policies comply strictly with the U.A.E. laws and regulations as well as respecting local religious views and traditions.

ClubDunes aim is to improve every member’s life each day by providing innovations in services and accountability.

Privacy for individuals is crucial to our company and service.

The interests of individuals are always at the forefront of our company priorities.

We aim above all for simplicity and a user-friendly environment.


We are a solid and dedicated team comprised of designers, consultants, developers and testers working together interactively with stakeholders.